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Destiny Garden School::Plans for the Future

Plans for the Future
Child with Football

In the immediate future Destiny Garden School needs more funds to  -

•    provide better quality food at lunchtimes and fruit for the children at break times.
•    provide much needed stationery and books as well as more desks, chairs, and  tables.

•    buy more essential equipment for education, as well as toys for the nursery classes.

•    provide further sports equipment and to build a suitable pitch for  Basketball, Volleyball,  Netball and Tennis.
•    build another Classroom for Class 5  next year.

•    establish an irrigation system to water the  garden which has now been established in the school grounds.  The garden grows both fruit and vegetables to help feed the children ensuring they have fresh food.

•    install an electricity generator – this would be invaluable as it would  enable the School to install a few computers to give the older children an insight into modern technology.  Most of the children have had no experience of computers.  Once the generator is in place we would like more funds to buy 4 computers.

In the longer term Destiny Garden School wants to -

•    educate children up to the age of 18. To do this it will need to build extra classrooms. There are still many children in the area who are unable to go to school and we would like to open ourselves to more pupils than we can currently afford to cater for.  To construct the 8 extra classrooms will cost GBP £ 10,000 and, to run the school at this level, we would need all the children to be sponsored.

•    to purchase a minibus to take the children on trips, as many have not been outside their villages and have never seen the beach.  This mini bus would also be used to transport the volunteers to and from their accommodation and school

•    to start a sports school for talented kids – this is ambitious and we will need sport experts and donors to achieve this.

•    to provide a homely and comfortable place for the orphans,  on the school premises – again ambitious and we would need  a new building with dormitories, bathrooms, kitchen etc.

•    to build a nurse’s room for giving vaccinations and HIV treatment, provide a sick room., to test eyes and ears etc.