Volunteers Coming in 2010


Future Volunteers   

 The following are some volunteers who will be joining the Destiny Garden School Programme during 2010.

Val and Nadine - March 2010

Melissa, Hannah, Heriselda and Grace - June 2010


Val and Nadine

Val and her daughter Nadine are going to Mombasa to do voluntary work at Destiny Garden School at the end of March 2010 for 3 weeks.  Val is a former Priamry and Nursery School teacher, and Nadine has a degree in Dance. 

They are both excited about this venture and looking forward to working with the teachers at School and meeting all the children. Val and Nadine are planning on taking with them a number of  items for the Children, musical percussion instruments,the first the school will own, a parachute to teach the children parachute games and they have lots of other ideas.  Both Val and Nadine have had a few fundraising events to raise funds for the Destiny Garden school. 

Val and Nadine’s Book Sale  

Val and Nadine at their Book Sale




On Saturday 5th December Val and Nadine held a Book Sale to raise funds to send to Destiny Garden School. 

Friends and family dropped by for a cuppa and a piece of home made cake, bringing and buying books.  The funds raised have been sent to Destiny Garden School in advance of Val and Nadine’s  visit to help pay the school’s running costs in December.




Nadine’s ’Fat Friday’

On Fridays Nadine’s Office treat themselves to cakes or chocolates,  and it has become known as their ’Fat Fridays.’ 

Nadene with Fat Friday FriendFat Friday

On Friday 29th January, Nadine, with her mother’s help, took the opportunity to bake same cakes for the office.  Everyone appreciated having home make cakes for a change and not only paid for them but made some generous donations for Destiny Garden School.  Nadine plans to buy a few simple musical instruments with the proceeds to take over to the school in March.




Nadene collecting funds from Fat Friday Fat FridayFat Friday - so many choices!






















Melissa, Hannah, Heriselda and Grace

Melissa, Hannah. Heriselda and Grace are students from Columbia Universtiy and will be joining Destiny Garden School in June 2010 for 4 weeks via Cosmic Vulunteers.

See their blog  http://csiskenya.blogspot.com 



Melissa is from Binghamton, NY and has come to Columbia to major in Urban Studies. She traveled to Italy and France this past summer and caught the travel bug. In addition to being a member of CSIS, she also plays lacrosse for Columbia. She is very excited to be traveling to Kenya this summer and hope to continue participating in service abroad programs throughout the rest of her college and professional career.



Hannah is from Douglassville, PA and has come to Columbia University to study visual arts and film. She has traveled to Europe in the past, but is thrilled to travel to Africa and do service work. She is excited to be involved in this project and plans to continue seeing the world and doing volunteer work. After college she plans to have a career in the arts.




Heriselda is from New York City and is a pre-medical student at Columbia University who is studying Psychology and Political Science. Having spent her childhood in Europe, she has a strong passion for traveling and learning about other cultures. She has partaken in various volunteering activities since the beginning of high school and is especially excited about the chance to do service in Kenya. She is sure that it will be a memorable experience that will influence her for years to come, both personally and professionally.



Grace Tan is a first-year student in Columbia College of Columbia University. She is currently pursuing African studies, and hopes to major either in that or anthropology. Grace has been taking Swahili this year to prepare for her trip to Kenya. Working with her student group, she hopes that they will achieve the necessary amount of funding needed to make this goal a reality.


Destiny Garden School

Please see Destiny Garden School’s website for more details and the latest news - www.destinygardenschool.org

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Plans for the Future

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